ALFAA CHEM established in 2004 and based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), ALFAA CHEM is an independent, well-established distributor of industrial chemicals. ALFAA CHEM strives to build on its already strong reputation to become one of the leading chemical raw material suppliers to the composite, fiberglass, construction, coating, paint, flooring, and waterproofing industries within the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Region. We only offer our customers products, which meet international quality standards. ALFAA CHEM remains committed to providing quality and innovation to its customers, through strong supplier partnerships, ensuring new and existing products meet our customer’s specific requirements.



ALFAA CHEM Trading was established in 2004. The company has an easily accessible and centrally located facility in industrial area 13, National paint factory area in Sharjah the United Arab Emirates. The company is promoted by professionals, with an objective to become one of the leading distributors for Composites & Industrial chemicals in the MENA region. ALPHA CHEM's dedication and commitment to the business and offering customers international quality products which pass international standards like British, European, and American Standard. It caters to products from Multinational manufacturers having ISO, Lloyd’s, WRAS (Potable drinking approval), Fire, and other approvals for building, construction, marine, and other industries.

ALFAA CHEM created a name for itself in UAE and brought the concept of ‘One Stop Shop’ to distribute Unsaturated Polyester resin, Vinyl ester resin, Epoxy resin, Fiberglass, Carbon fiber, Liquid wax, PET/PVC foam, and Tools for Composites Industry. Product for Infusion, RTM, Spray equipment will be added to our portfolio for long-term sustainability.ALFAA CHEM is also venturing into distributing Industrial chemicals to the Paint, Construction, Coating, oil, and gas industries. We believe in ethical business practices and would like to partner with a like-minded organization. We treat our employees with utmost respect and dignity and promote fairness at all levels. ALFAA CHEM Tr Thrive towards continuous improvement to achieve our aim to be a preferred supplier of choice and trusted partner. We aim to maintain a strong focus on working according to the local laws of the country. We practice and abide by competition and bribery laws.

ALFAA CHEM is a reliable distributor of quality and cost-effective raw materials. Our prompt service and technical support along with an effective offering of chemical raw material hold the key to our success. We are always looking for new quality, innovative, dynamic, and competitive suppliers, who are geared to meet the demands of our evolving market. The distribution of quality raw materials to our customers from reputable manufacturers has provided good credibility in our market. We put all our effort into providing sourcing solutions to our valued customers, along with technical support. Our principal manufacturer/supplier shares high standards when it comes to product quality, reliability, and consistency of supply. Our competitive edge on quality, service and prices helps our partners grow their business and we grow with them. Our principals are widely regarded as being one of the most innovative suppliers to the industry through their continuous investment in R&D, technical support, and new product development.


We are distributing chemical raw materials to our demanding customers mainly in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC Countries) comprising of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar. We will grow our business in MENA and other international markets. Our customers can expect to benefit from our expertise and experience in efficient sourcing coupled with a strong supply chain.



We believe in ethical business practices and want to partner with like-minded organizations. We treat our employees with utmost respect and dignity and promote fairness at all levels. Environmental awareness is at an all-time high, especially when it comes to chemical products. In this respect, we are proud to actively promote environmental stewardship by consciously exploring ways to cater to safer and more sustainable products for our industries. We strive to maintain a strong focus on working safely and striving for continuous improvement, to achieve our aim of being the partner of choice for both customers and principals alike. Our strengths lie in our ability to provide customers and Principals with a dedicated and focused service. Our 'can do' ethos combined with our company size means we are able to provide an agile response to our customers' and principals' needs including immediate technical support.


We offer our valued customers:


  • High-quality raw materials.
  • Technical support.
  • Economic efficiency.
  • Solid development consulting.
  • A Business focuses on composite, fiberglass, coatings, flooring, construction, and industrial chemical sectors.
  • A warehouse, fully approved to UAE CD and other relevant standards.
  • Full accreditation to ISO 9001, 2016 standards.


In the longer term, there are plans to relocate Alfaa Chem to a purpose-built larger facility, with a view to offering contract blending services in addition to distribution.


ALFAA CHEM vision is to become a leading ‘’ONE STOP SHOP’’ distribution center, which will provide chemical solutions across multiple industries, via high-performance products and quality service to our customers, adding value to their businesses. We will expand and diversify our product range, principals, and customer base to ensure that ALFAA CHEM remains sustainable and continues to grow with purpose.


We are here to cater to your chemical requirements, we strongly believe that our customer success is our success. As your chemical partner, we will provide:


  • Products from reliable manufacturer Solutions for chemical raw material sourcing and service, personal attention, technical support.
  • Competitive pricing, reliable alternatives to your current sources.
  • Choice of supply from stock or direct shipment to provide cost savings.
  • We cater to customers who, manufacture composites, fiberglass, GRP/GRE/GRC/GRV, construction, paint, flooring, coating, waterproofing, or industrial products.
  • We would be happy to discuss your raw material requirement.

What Customers can expect


  • Chemical partner – A “ONE STOP SHOP”.
  • Quality products and service.
  • One to One technical and commercial discussion.
  • A ‘CAN DO’ approach.
  • Efficient supply chain to ensure timely delivery.
  • Qualified and professional team.
  • Ensuring cost-effective chemical raw materials.
  • A reliable partner of choice managing your chemical requirement.
  • New ideas and expertise for the development of new products.