ALFAA CHEM represents well-known manufacturers and suppliers. Our company supplies chemicals to the markets where we operate. We prefer to partner with quality & professional manufacturers with a proven track record. As your “Chemical Partner,” we will consistently supply quality products. Our commercial and technical teams are always available to support your Chemical requirements. Our objective is to cater to your needs and achieve your objectives. Our supplier's R&D and Technical Support are always available to us and to our customers for existing or new product developments.

Coating & Construction

  • Acrylic Polyols

  • Additives

  • ATH

  • Castor oil-based Polyols

  • Cellulose ethers (HPMC, HEMC, HEC, MC, EHEC)

  • Epoxy and Polyester putty

  • Epoxy resins & Curing agents

  • Fumed silicas

  • Glass Flakes

  • MDI

  • Perlite

  • Pigments & pigment pastes

  • PVA Homopolymer

  • RDP Re-dispersible powders

  • Styrene Acrylic emulsion

  • Talc powder

  • Titanium dioxide

  • TPA (Thermo plastic acrylic)

  • Unsaturated polyester resin

  • Vinyl ester resin

ACS International USA

  • Aristone – Gelcoat application

  • Durastone for Solid surface application

  • Durastone flooring for Polyurethane/Epoxy resin flooring featherlite

  • Polystone Chips

  • Splash for Swimming pool and spa

  • Stone flakes acrylic flakes used with UPR, Epoxy, Polyurethane and MMA



Stone Flakes

Flat Acrylic Chips for Fiber Glass pools/Spa, Broadcasting on Flooring, Tube/Shower, Interior/Exterior design.

Poly Stone

Solid Surfaces Kitchen countertop, Bathroom, Shower surrounds, Wall panels, Fiber Glass products and furnishing.

Dura Stone Flooring

Range of Colours for Flooring.

Dura Stone

Countertop/ bars/ Vanities/Wall panels/Shower surrounds/Restrooms surrounds.

Poly Chips

Custom Solid surface/ Cast Polymer.


Pools/ Spa Application.


Granite Products/Gel Coat Application.

Dorfner - Germany : Dorfner Flooring products

  • DORSIDUR® – Hard aggregates

  • DORSILIT® – Crystal quartz powder

  • DORSILIT® – Crystal quartz sand

  • DORSIMIX® – Ready-to-use blends grain size 0.0-0.3 mm

  • GRANUCOL® CONDUCT Conductible -Coloured sand

  • GRANUCOL® KG – Coloured quartz sand

  • GRANUCOL® MIX – Coloured quartz sand blends

  • GRANUCOL® SIG – Coloured quartz sand

  • MELADUR® – Hard aggregates for interspersion



Granucol KG

Granucol KG is Single Colour a high-quality decorative filer for resinous Industrial and commercial flooring.

Granucol SIG

Granucol SIG is the filler of choice when the durability of the coating, attractive appearance and maximum resistance to UV Radiation are major priority.

Granucol Mix

Granucol Mix are attractive, hygienic coatings on commercial and Industrial flooring.

Granucol FQ

FQ Filler mixes meet the highest requirements for appearance, workability and load bearing capacity in decorative self-levelling floor coatings.


Less demand for resin 15-20 %. Abrasion resistant.Higher content of fillers.